Elajo see the simplicity as a key to the
installations of the future.

"Very intelligent! Pipe and wiring will be a pleasure here!"
Being one of Swedens leading implementors of electrical wiring Elajo has plenty of experience from both large and small projects. We asked them for feedback regering the Posi-Joist™ system since they have been working with that in one of their latest projects.
Conditions and benefits
"Among the beenefits we immediately notiser was feeding within the beams, especially piping of larger dimensions. Absolutely amazing! Approximately 5 times as fast as normal!"

For Elajo, and their clients, environmental and sustainability issues are of utmost importance. "When we talk about environment "Sundahus" is what comes to mind. In all our projects concerning Landstinget it is a prerequisite" Posi-Joist™ is one of the solutions offered within the scope of "Sundahus"
Elajo on site doing system- and electrical wiring for EksjöHus using Posi-Joist™” recently installed.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Posi-Joist™ or if MiTek could provide you in your strive to find cost-effective and smart building solutions. All of our contact information and links to our social channels are to be found in the footer.
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