Create savings of up to 50% with the floor joists of tomorrow.*

Posi-Joist™ offers a revolutionizing system of floor joist that brings simplicity, efficiency and huge cost-savings to the table.

Open floor-joists timesaving and effective.

Posi-Joist™ offers a revolutionizing system of floor joist that brings simplicity, efficiency and huge cost-savings to the table.

Acoustics, fire, vibration - no problems!

Posi-Joist is an all-inclusive flooring system that meet all your needs regarding fire- and acoustics, and with excellent span-widths we also achieve great results of vibration control.
Engineered joists with a focus on economy and flexibility
Posi-Joist™ combines the lightness of timber with the strength of the Posi-Strut steel web to produce a floor and roof system allowing you to span far greater distances than would be possible with alternative timber products.
Exceptional floor performance from a wide fixing surface makes flooring easy, controls shrinkage and with precision engineering, it all reduces those tiresome return visits and remedial work.More benefits such as the unique open web design provide an area in which Plumbers, Electricians and Mechanical Ventilation and Heating Contractors will find it easy and convenient to work.
Certified according to EN1365
Fire safety is extremely important and fire tests for 30-, 60- and 90 minutes have been successfully carried out according to EN1365, and are carried out continuously for updates
Thoroughly sound-tested
The sound tests, together with vibration, deflection and washing machine / spin tests, have proven to give fantastically good results, and that with dry, standard products that are found in most of our DIY stores.
Span further and require less internal support.
With our various Posi floors, we reach good span lengths
Posi-Joist™ providing a flexible and cost-efficient solution from basic till soundclass A
Through an intelligent sandwich-solution we may adapt to the clients needs and acheive th characteristics asked for regering sound, vibration and fire safety.

The future of flooring-joists arrive in many variants and our technical solutions keep on developing. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.
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Elajo fast and controlled installation

Elajo implements system- and electrical cabling in EksjöHus where Posi-Joist™” recently has been installed.

Open floor-joists for an effective future

The flexilbility is normally what our users emphasize as the revolutionizing strength of Posi-Joist. Pipe- and electrical wiring becomes a piece of cake and fire and sound-classes will meet all demands.
Low weight and excellent lengths  
At Low weight, a flexible Construction and excellent conditions regading spans Posi-Joist™ will manage even the most demanding challenges. Below you can get a feel for how our product deliver. Interact with the buttons to get the results.
C-C Beam distance mm
Download all the information you need.
We have collected all the information you may need regering the Posi-Joist™ system below. Feel free to download and dive a bit deeper into the Posi-Joist™ and its application.
Being an Architect you will have exactly the flexibility you're looking for.
With Posi-Joist™ we Will get an overall Picture regering what is possible and a flexibilitet to Explore more creative solutions. All with great functionality and keeping in Line with the high requirements of todays building. Being cost-effective at the same time is of course a bonus.

The open joists give us freedom to design the floor-plan without worrying about vertical shafts.
New solutions introduce new questions. We are always keen of helping you out regardless of the type of reflection. Below you'll find the most common questions, but do not hesitate to get in touch with us otherwise.
Thickness of Floor: How will Posi-Joist™ stand up against other solutions

Thanks to the cooperation with Posi-Strut/steel-web and wooden beam/fastening, the height will normally become 15-20% less than with comparable values for acoustic/vibration/deflection.

Where can I find Posi-Joist™?

The joists are produced and designed for your projects by certified producers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Estonia.

How does a Posi-Joist™ system compare regarding environmental and sustainability issues?

The mix of different materials in a Posi-Joist™ system, will make use of their selective strengths. Using the exact amount of wood will minimize the waste saving our forests. Our relatively thin steel-joists are adapted to use juste the amount needed. Important since steel is energy demanding in production. that combination leaves us with a balanced product using just what's needed in a specific project and our software PAMIR will make sure that all dimensions are in line. LCA-analyses are in progress together with IVL.

How does Posi-Joist™ attach to the walls, suspending/resting?

the most common fattning of Posi-Joists are: Resting on wooden beam, fixed to wall. resting on the wall-frame. Resting on steel-beam, fixed to wall. hung/resting on fixed balksko.

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Structurally strong
and flexible at the
same time.
Posi-Joist™ is the floor-joist of tomorrow bringing serious
advantages regarding structural strength and flexibility to
the table. Providing excellent conditions regarding spans and
being really cost-effective doesn´t make things worse.

Sustainability, an important
piece of our solutions.

MiTek is operating in accordance with all judicial demand regading environmental protection for our production, design and sales. We are taking our responsibility towards our employees, clients and resources very serious and are constantly working to get even better.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Posi-Joist~™ or if MiTek could provide you in your strive to find cost-effective and smart building solutions. All of our contact information and links to our social channels are to be found in the footer.
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