All-Inclusive flooring system!

Adapted and ready- Regardless of need.
Through an intelligent sandwich-solution we may adapt to the clients needs and acheive th characteristics asked for regering sound, vibration and fire safety. The future of flooring-joists arrive in many variants and our technical solutions keep on developing. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.
A high degree of adaptability
The possibilities using pre-fabricated Posi-Joist™, will make the mounting a piece of cake. Already at production the Posi-Joist™ components will be adapted to suit the specific project. And there will be a multitude of fastening solutions to choose between.
The flooring moduler are easy to adapt and you will find variants tailored for sound classification A, B and mini. Our ambition is to create a flooring system focused on completeness to speed up and simplify thus contributing to cost-effectiveness.
Major cost savings
The possibilities of the Posi-Joist™ system with a low weight open construction and excellent span create good conditions regarding vibration and deflection. This in turn is key to reach considerable economical benefits. For example:

Open diagonals – System, piping and installations becomes easy and will reduce working hours considerably.  Lightweight contruction – Imply time-savings when handling is less complicated.
Wide fixing surface – Problem-free mounting of floorboards and reduced shrinkage. Delivery – with custom-made beams or modules ready to be put in place.

Posi-Joist™ will most of the time eliminate the need of carrying partitions resulting in a reduced total cost of building.

*Based on an average builder/producers cost of material and labour with a reasonable profit margin we estimate total cost-savings of up to 50% for a complete flooring system (130m2).


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Posi-Joist™ or if MiTek could provide you in your strive to find cost-effective and smart building solutions. All of our contact information and links to our social channels are to be found in the footer.
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